Appeck Smart Outdoor Wall Lantern


Discover the ultimate in outdoor lighting versatility with Appeck Smart Outdoor Wall Lantern.experience seamless control over color temperature ranging from warm 2200K to cool 6500K, These lights 16 million colors, Whether you're illuminating your home for everyday use or setting the stage for a festive gathering, our wall sconces offer an unparalleled lighting experience.

  • RGBCW Lighting: The up down wall lights support the adjustment of color temperature from 2200K-6500K and 16 million color options.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: Manage your lighting effortlessly with the "Smart Life" App, granting you remote access from anywhere.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from durable IP65 waterproof black Aluminum, our wall lights guarantee exceptional durability, efficient heat dissipation, and resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Effortless Installation: Featuring an integrated LED light source that eliminates the need for bulbs, installation is quick and straightforward. Secure the mounting plate to the J-box, connect the wires, and affix the fixture in place.You will enjoy a nighttime light show right on your front porch.

The product will ship 1 business day after purchase, and delivery will take 2-7 business days.

We offer a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase


The Appeck Smart Outdoor Wall Sconce boasts 16 million colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade for your space. You can also dim the light from 2200K to 6500K, including warm white to cool white, depending on your mood or preference. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, enjoying a movie night, or just relaxing with a book, the Appeck Smart Outdoor Wall Sconce has got you covered.

But that's not all - this wall sconce also comes with 8 scene modes and 3 music modes, enabling you to create a cozy and comfortable environment. You can choose from a variety of scene modes, such as reading mode, leisure mode, and party mode, to match your activities and mood. The music modes, on the other hand, allow you to sync your lights with your favorite songs and create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

The Appeck Smart Outdoor Wall Sconce is not just stylish and versatile, but also highly durable and weather-resistant. Its aluminum die-casting lamp body ensures good durability and heat dissipation, effectively preventing rust or corrosion. The wall sconce also has an IP65 waterproof rating, meaning it can withstand heavy rain, snowstorm, and other bad weather conditions. You can rest assured that your wall sconce will last for years to come, even in harsh outdoor environments.

Installation is a breeze with the standard US recessed bracket mounting, making it easy for homeowners to install and set up the wall sconce themselves. This means you won't need to spend extra money on hiring a professional to install the lights for you. And because the Appeck Smart Outdoor Wall Sconce is so versatile, you can use it not just for outdoor porches but also for indoor stair hallways. Its sleek design and advanced features will elevate the style and atmosphere of any space.

Package List

2 x LED cylinder Wall Lights

2 x Expansion Screw Sets

1 x User Manual

1 x After-sales Card