About Appeck

Appeck is a brand specializing in smart home product innovations. since 2020 we're dedicated to creating smart LED lights that not only provide excellent lighting but also add a touch of personality and fun to any space. passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to creating smarter and more enjoyable living experiences through our innovative smart LED lights.We boast a powerful R&D team to keep close to the lasted technology for premium devices innovation. And considerate after-sales service always keeps us in close contact with consumers.We make life Wonderful.

Registered Appeck App Users 50W+

Fast Growing Electronics Brands in North America

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Bringing lighting experience to 30W+ families

Indulge in the Luxury of Every Corner

The envy of the neighborhood with these stylish and durable lights. No more worrying about poorly lit areas - just turn on the switch and create your own outdoor oasis.

Change Your Space's Style

You can venture into different virtual worlds and score big with the best open-world experience for your favorite titles.

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