How To Install Appeck Permanent Outdoor Lights

Easily and quickly install your new Appeck Permanent Outdoor Lights by following the simple installation steps in this instructional video.

1. Test the lights before installation

Step 1:Connect each string light.

Step 2:Plug it into power to make sure everything light can work properly.

2. Preparations before installation

Step 1:Please install the string lights 5-10 cm away from the wall surface.

Step 2:Clean the surface with a cloth or tissue before installing the string lights

3. Installation

Step 1:Tear off the VHB gum on the back of the light.

Step 2:Press the light firmly against the surface for more than 5 seconds

Step 3:Attach 4 screw clips to each string light to keep them secure.

Step 4:Connect 2 string lights via the waterproof connectors and screw in the cap

Step 5:Firmly screw the waterproof connector cap of the last string light section.

Appeck Permanent Outdoor Lights Installation method



Smart RGB Lighting: The lights offer a spectrum of vibrant colors, enabling you to customize your outdoor ambiance based on your mood or the occasion.

Preset Scenes: With 54 preset scenes, the lights provide easy access to various lighting modes, from relaxing to festive, enhancing the atmosphere according to your preferences.

IP65 Waterproof: The waterproof design ensures the lights can withstand outdoor elements, making them suitable for use in various weather conditions.

72 LED Lights: The 72 LED lights contribute to a bright and visually appealing illumination, capable of enhancing the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Smart APP Control: The lights can be controlled through a smart app, giving you the ability to adjust colors, brightness, and modes directly from your smartphone.

Voice Control: The lights are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, enabling hands-free control through voice commands.

Performance and Advantages:

Versatile Illumination: The ability to choose from a wide range of colors and preset scenes makes these lights adaptable for various occasions, whether it's a party, holiday celebration, or daily outdoor lighting.

Weather Resistance: They are also IP65 waterproof and can be used in spaces ranging from -4°F to 104°F use, expanding their usability throughout the year.

Convenient Control: You can control them with your phone or voice, allowing you to change settings without leaving your seat.

Enhanced Outdoor Aesthetics: The 54 LED lights contribute to a bright and captivating outdoor ambiance,  you can create a unique.

Let's start enjoying the night.

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